Sepultura – Territory

“Territory” is Sepultura’s sixth official single, and the last of three to be taken from the album Chaos A.D., released in 1993. The song is one of the band’s best-known songs and remains a concert staple to this day. The artwork for the single is not easily discernible. It depicts a monument of some sort. The image is overlaid with the band’s thorned ‘S’ logo.

A music video was filmed for the single which features the band playing and walking through the desert, often daubed in Dead Sea mud, intercut with footage of slums and favelas and footage from Israel and the Palestinian territory: armed Israeli soldiers and policemen, pro-Palestinian graffiti, Bedouins, Haredim kissing the stones of the Western Wall, pages of the Qur’an and the Hebrew Bible and Christian ceremonies in the Old City of Jerusalem. It ends with a newspaper clip about the signing of the Oslo Accords and a walking soldier

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